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Rock On in Japan! [entries|friends|calendar]
Rock On in Japan!!!

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heyA! []

Name: Stephany
Character name: azn_cutey_chique
Band(s): puffy ami yumi
Your LJ: n/a
Character LJ: http://www.livejournal.com/users/sonnet_4_my_luv/
E-mail: yeahphey@yahoo.com
AIM Screenname: sh0bekraze
Comments/Questions: Ami Yumi ROCKS!!!
MA1E some NOISE!


Name: Rina
Character name: Die (Andou Daisuke)
Band(s): Dir en grey (ex-ka · za · ri, La:Sadie's)
Your LJ: n/a
Character LJ: xxdielicious
E-mail: youkai_outlaw@yahoo.com
AIM Screenname: youkai ketsueki
Comments/Questions: Sticking with what I love for now. ^^
MA4E some NOISE!



The claimage! Collapse )
MA2E some NOISE!

...............................DOO-RRAA-MAAA~! []

[ mood | chipper ]

(Rainbow) Applicationnnnn~!Collapse )
MA4E some NOISE!

Joining! []

[ mood | blah ]

Name: Nicole Dolly
Character name: Hizumi
Band(s): D'espairs Ray
Your LJ: nicole_dolly
Character LJ: ___hizumi
E-mail: SimplyKozi@hotmail.com
AIM Screenname: xKeloidxMilkx (New one coming soon)
Comments/Questions: Hope you accept me ^^

MA1E some NOISE!


Name: Kyo
Character name: Kyo
Band(s): Dir en grey
Character LJ: Kyo-KyoBleh
E-mail: stressed_abstinence@yahoo.com
AIM Screenname: Beset Abstinence
Comments/Questions: Erm... Hello. >_>;
MA3E some NOISE!



Name: Yaya
Character name: BOU
Band(s): an cafe
Your LJ: jamaykanqueen89
Character LJ: kami_ga_kuroi
E-mail: Miyaviness@yahoo.com
AIM Screenname: Kawaii BOu
Comments/Questions: :D

MA3E some NOISE!


Alright guys, we are up and running! The layout will be up when I get done with it and the banners for you guys will be up ASAP.

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