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Rock On in Japan!

Rock All Night Long!

Rock On in Japan!!!
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Hello Hello Hello! This is your wonderful mod speaking! What we have here is a roleplay group for fans of Japanese music! Please read EVERYTHING on this page if you want to join us.

What is a roleplay!?
A roleplay is just what it sounds like, people taking on other roles and playing them online. This, being a J-pop/rock roleplay, you will be taking on the roles of Japanese rock and pop stars. If you don't know any, then I suggest you research, or look for another roleplay. For some roleplays, you'll be asked to be AU or Alternate Universe, where the characters look and act like the people, but they're not the same. For this roleplay, we're not doing AU. You are going to roleplay as the character as they are now. That means that you have to check up on your character, see when they have lives or when a cd's coming out or something, so be sure to pick someone you like.

What's a mod!?
That would be me! And by me I mean kuso_orange. I'm your resident moderator. It's my job to say who's here and who's not and approve things and do all the paper work and make sure everything's in order so you guys can have some fun in style!

What am I not supposed to do!?
The following is the TOP TEN! Ten rules that everyone in the group will go by. Please read these throughly, there will be a test. No really, there will be...it's all pretty basic stuff, nothing too hardcore.

1. No Godmoding. This would be taking over someone elses character (IE: Killing them off). This is not good, and it won't be allowed. If this happens to you, report it immediately! I can give a warning the first time, the second time you will be suspended for a week, and after that, you're out of here! Don't worry though, it doesn't happen a lot.

2. No OOC fighting in the group. We have enough drama with our characters, we don't need more in the community. Just settle it outside the comm, or come to me and I'll do something about it.

3. Place all logs and not worksafe pictures in LJ cuts. If you don't know how to do this, it's really simple. Just type < then lj-cut follwed by text="and put your title" and close it. > Then you can type all you want in here. When you're done, just put < then a / followed by the tag again (lj-cut) and close it. > When you do this, please rate them like you would a movie so no one's looking or reading porn at school or something like that.

4. I'm limiting it to 3, yep, read it...three!, characters per person. If you can't handle 3, then I may ask you to cut one. Don't worry, it isn't as dramatic as it sounds.

5. You MUST have AIM. Just one screenname is fine, you don't need a seperate one for each character, but you need AIM, that's where all the interaction here goes on.

6. I'm not allowing any artists but Japanese artists. This is just because I will want to know your character's personality, and I know most Japanese artists, I'm not too big on doing research on Korean artists, sorry if this is an inconvienence to anyone.

7. Have a seperate journal for each character, and the journal must be for this community only. I get all confused when it's for more then one community, so I want seperate ones for just this comm.

8. Update your journal every 2 weeks. That's not hard to keep up with, I can even do it! If your character hasn't been playing, just say that they've been practicing like hell for a long time or something.

9. Please state on the info page of the journal that it is for LJ purposes. This is for us as well as for other people, so they don't think that you're really Kyo from Dir En Grey.

10. This roleplay is YAOI AND YURI FRIENDLY. If you don't know what this is, please look it up before joining!

How do I get a Special Position!?
I pick it! I'm probably going to have several moderators including:
Tech mod-for working on the journal layout
App mod-for approving new members
Info mod-fod making sure the info page is up to date

And there will probably be more then that, I just haven't decided on more yet. If you want one of these jobs, let me know in your comments and I'll give you another form to fill out. According to that, you may get the position.

How do I join!?
That's simple, make your journal and then fill out the form below, then put it on the community journal page!

Character name:
Your LJ:
Character LJ:
AIM Screenname:

Who's Already Here!?
Look right below for the answer:

All members are listed like this:

Name: Special position (if available)
LJ link

AIM Screenname

Psycho Le Cemu

Lida: Head Mod

Pet the catboy



An Cafe


Kawaii BOU

D'espairs Ray


Dir En Grey


Beset Abstinence

Terachi Shinya


Andou Daisuke

youkai ketsueki


Kozi: Head Mod

Pet the catboy

On Hold:
Toshiya - Dir En Grey

What now!?
You play! Play to your heart's content! Have fun, and IM me sometime so I know you're still there!

What if I want to Promote!?
Then here you go! I made some nice little images for you guys, put them on your info page or web page, or whatever! You guys know how to do the coding, I would hope. If you don't, let me know and I'll walk you through it.

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